Corso Agile Scrum Foundation e Agile Scrum Master (2° Versione)

Febbraio - Marzo 2019.

Agile Scrum Foundation Day 1: - Agile Way of Thinking Concepts of Agile and Scrum - Scrum Practices Scrum roles Scrum events The importance of the Backlog Definition of Done (DoD) Day 2: - Scrum Planning and Estimation - Monitoring Scrum Projects - Advanced Scrum Concepts Scrum in different situations

Agile Scrum Master Day 1: - Agile way of thinking Agile concepts Continuously improving the process Other frameworks and other Agile framework Applying Agile principles to IT Service Management - Scrum Master role Responsibilities and commitment Coaching the team and mediating Other roles (Product Owner, Development Team) Day 2: - Agile Estimating, Planning, Monitoring and Control - Complex projects Scaling Agile projects Suitability of Agile for different types of projects Agile administration in tooling and tool integration Day 3: - Adopting Agile Agile requirements and proper environment EXIN Exam

Certificazione Scrum Master EXIN